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Fullpower Announces Issuance of 10th Sleep Monitoring Technology Patent

Fullpower, January 15, 2020

SANTA CRUZ, CA - January 16, 2020 - Fullpower® Technologies, “The sleep technology company,” today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent 10,485,474 for a “Sleep Monitoring System.” The patent covers intelligent sleep and alarm scheduling systems.

“This is an exciting innovation eligible for a U.S. patent,” said Philippe Kahn, CEO of Fullpower. “This patent reflects our strategy to broaden and diversify our intellectual property portfolio to obtain protection for the many applications of our AI-powered sleep technology platform. In this case, we believe our technology offers a novel and superior option for non-invasive sleep monitoring system that delivers PSG-level accuracy.”

The sleep ecosystem worldwide is a $4.3 billion market that’s growing 7.2% a year, according to a recent Marketdata U.S. sleep market report.  

About Fullpower Technologies Inc. 

Fullpower Technologies designs, develops and operates a complete platform for hybrid Edge/Cloud AI, algorithms, big data, predictive analytics, together with end-to-end engineering services. The Company’s platform is backed by a patent portfolio of 125+ patents. The Company’s key areas of expertise are non-invasive PSG-level sleep technology as well as general activity quantification. The Company’s markets are in Medical, SmartHome and Wearable Solutions. For more information, visit Please contact:

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