Hardware basics

Your Sleeptracker® monitor will automatically measure and record your sleep activity and habits, including your heart rate, respiration rate, body movement, and much, much more.

Each Sensor System contains a sleep sensor strip adhered to a protective foam mat. The Sensor System(s) should be connected to the Processor by a sensor cable.

View this video for Sleeptracker® monitor setup instructions:

Processor Light Guide

  • Green (solid)

    Your Sleeptracker® processor is working normally and is connected to your home network.

  • Green (blinking)

    Your Sleeptracker® processor is awaiting initial setup. From the Sleeptracker app, go to Menu > Pair with a Smart Bed to pair with this processor.

  • Orange (solid)

    Your Sleeptracker® processor is starting up, please wait. It takes about 90 seconds to start up after being powered on.

  • Orange (blinking)

    Your Sleeptracker® processor requires action to resume normal operation. Please check your Sleeptracker® monitor app to view the status message.

  • Red (blinking)

    Your Sleeptracker® processor requires a firmware update to resume normal operation. Your must do this to continue using your Sleeptracker® monitor processor.

  • Red & Blue

    Your Sleeptracker® processor is updating its firmware. Please wait and do not power off your processor until it is complete. This may take several minutes.