Connect your Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker® Account to your Google Assistant

1. Search for the Sleeptracker® app

  • Click the link below to be taken to the Google Assistant Sleeptracker® App
  • Open your Google Home App
  • For Android Users: Tap Account > Settings > Services tab > Explore
    For iOS Users: Tap Account > Explore
  • Search for and tap on “Sleeptracker”

2. Link the Sleeptracker® app to your Google Home

  • Tap the ​Link​ button, then use your Tempur-Pedic Sleeptracker® username &
    password to Sign-in to the Sleeptracker® app with Google Assistant.
  • You can now say: “​Hey Google, talk to Sleeptracker​”.

3. Interact with the Sleeptracker® app.

  • Start using the Sleeptracker® app on your Google Home by saying:
    • “Ok Google, talk to Sleeptracker”,
    • “Hey Google, ask Sleeptracker”
  • Once the Sleeptracker® app is activated, you can say things like:
    • “How did I sleep last night?”
    • “Give me some sleep coaching”
    • “How can I sleep better”
    • “Set my alarm to 9am”
    • “What was my heart rate last night?”
    • “Email my sleep report”
    • “Set my bed to Zero-G” *
    • “Set my bed to TV position” *
    • “Set my bed to Flat” or “Flatten my bed” *

* Power base users only

How to unlink the Sleeptracker® app from your Google Home

  1. Open your Google Home App .
  2. Search for and tap on the Sleeptracker® App using the instructions above.
  3. Tap Unlink > Unlink, to confirm you want to unlink the app.

For more information and detailed instructions, please visit the Google Home Help website.