Feedback & Updates

To provide feedback for the Sleeptracker-AI® app, or the Sleeptracker-AI® smart bed, contact the Advanced Sleeptracker-AI® support team.

If you'd like to provide feedback regarding your Tempur® base or mattress, contact Tempur® directly (

Firmware Updates
Your Sleeptracker-AI® processor receives firmware updates automatically over the Sleeptracker-AI® Cloud. These updates vary from performance to supporting new Sleeptracker-AI® features.
Algorithm Updates
The Sleeptracker-AI® algorithm engine lives on the Sleeptracker-AI® Cloud, where your sleep is processed. Updates to the algorithm happen automatically, and you do not need to do anything on your end. Your sleep will always be analyzed by the most up-to-date algorithm engine.
App Updates
Your mobile device’s app store handles app updates. Ensure you have automatic updates on, to always receive the latest updates to the Tempur® Sleeptracker-AI® app.

  • Android Devices: for more information, refer to the “Update Android apps automatically” section on this support page.
  • Apple Devices: for more information, refer to the “Turn on or turn off automatic updates” section on this support page.
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