How to Factory Reset the Processor

↦ NOTE:  If you’re having trouble with your Sleeptracker-AI® smart bed, try rebooting your processor first to see if that helps. To do so, either unplug the power to your base, or unplug the processor's USB cable, and then plug it back in. 

A. Locate the Reset Button:

The reset button is located next to the processor's USB power cable output.

  1. Reset Button
  2. Status Light


B. Reset the Processor:

Press and hold on the reset button until the status light turns solid red (~10 seconds) and then let go.

C. Wait for the Reset Process to Complete:

The processor will now cycle through various light colors and reset to its factory settings. DO NOT unplug the power during this process.

Once you see a flashing green status light, the reset process has completed.

If you have a Split Base (two bases side-by-side), you will need to Factory Reset the processor on the other side of the bed, too. Both processors need to be factory reset so they can be paired together in the app. 

Upon completion, your smart bed is ready to be paired to your account. 

If you have already created a Sleeptracker-AI® account but have not paired to your smart bed, select Menu > Pair Smart Bed, in the Sleeptracker-AI® app to get started. Otherwise, if your smart bed was already paired to your account before the Factory Reset, navigate to Menu > My Smart BedUnpair > Yes, and then select Menu > Pair Smart Bed to pair to your account again.

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