QR Code Scanning Assistance

If you're unable to scan the QR Code in the app, try these tips:

  1. Make sure you're using the correct app. Raise up the head of the base to locate the Sleeptracker-AI® processor. If you have a black processor, you should be using this app. If you have a white processor, you should be using this app

  2. Ensure optimal lighting for scanning the QR code. On the QR scanning screen in the Sleeptracker-AI® app, try tapping the "lightning" icon at the top right, to turn on your phone's flashlight.

  3. Make sure you're attempting to scan the correct QR Code. The correct QR Code can be found on the long black hang-tag under the head of the bed, and on the Sleeptracker-AI processor.

    • Do not scan the QR Code on the remote, and do not scan the QR code on the short white hang-tag.

  4. Start with your phone very close to the QR code, almost touching. Then, very slowly, move the phone away from the QR code, pausing often to let the camera focus. If your phone gets about 12 inches (30 cm) away from the QR code without success, repeat this step one or two more times.

  5. If you are able to borrow a phone or tablet from someone else, use that second device to take a photo of the QR code. Open the photo, zoom in on the photo to enlarge it, and then use the Sleeptracker-AI app on your own phone to scan the photo of the enlarged QR code on the second device.

  6. Contact advanced support if you still need help after trying all previous steps. We can generate a new QR code for you. 
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