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Privacy Notice

Your privacy is important to us. The following privacy notice applies to the Sleeptracker® app, Sleeptracker® Cloud, Sleeptracker® Premium services, and the Sleeptracker® AI Sleep Coach.

Use: How we use your data internally

Our app's primary goal is to identify your sleep patterns and help you get better sleep. We collect and use your personal data in support of this goal. We also collect app usage information anonymously to help us understand how the app is used, and improve app features and options.

Share: How we share your data externally with other companies or entities

  • We share your data, in aggregate, non-personally identifiable form, with Serta Simmons Bedding Company (SSB), owner of the Beautyrest, Serta and Tomorrow Sleep brands, to develop and improve new and current products and services.
  • With your permission, we share your name, email address, and approximate (city and state) location information with SSB to keep you informed about new products and services.
  • If you connect Sleeptracker with Apple Health, we can share sleep analysis, height, weight, heart rate, and breathing rate information based on the permissions you set in Apple Health settings.
  • If you connect Sleeptracker with Google Fit, we can share sleep analysis, height, weight, heart rate, and breathing rate information based on the permissions you set in Google Fit settings.
  • The app does NOT allow you to share your data with your social media accounts, like Facebook or Twitter.
  • We do NOT share your data with anyone else.

Store: How we store your data

  • We store your data on the device.
  • We also store your data outside the device through a third party, Amazon Web Services, on servers located in the United States.
  • We store anonymous app usage data via the Yahoo Flurry service on servers located in the United States.

Encryption: How we encrypt your data

  • We automatically encrypt your data in the device or app.
  • We automatically encrypt your data at all times while it is transmitted.
  • We do not encrypt your data, except for your password, when stored on hosted servers. These servers are protected via firewalls and other security mechanisms against unauthorized access.

Privacy: How this app accesses other data

The app requests access to other device data or applications, such as your phone's camera, only with your permission. It connects to the camera, location services, and health information database.

User Options: What you can do with the data that we collect

The app allows you to access, edit, or delete the personal data we have about you. You can also opt to receive a daily and monthly summary of your sleep analysis via email.

Deactivation: What happens to your data when your account is terminated

  • If you delete the Sleeptracker app, your data is also deleted from your device but a copy of your data is kept on our servers. This allows you to switch devices easily when needed. The data is downloaded to your (new) device from our servers when you reinstall the app and log back in.
  • To terminate your account and delete all your data from our servers, please make a written request by contacting our Support team. Your data will be permanently deleted within 30 days of the written request.
  • If you connected Sleeptracker with Google Fit, you have the option to keep or delete any data stored in Google Fit when deleting the app.

Policy Changes: How we will notify you if our privacy policy changes

You will be prompted by the app when privacy policy changes occur.

Breach: How we will notify you and protect your data in case of an improper disclosure

Fullpower complies with all applicable laws regarding breaches. In case of data breach, information will be available on our website and sent to the email address associated with the affected accounts.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Fullpower Technologies is NOT a HIPAA covered entity.


This privacy notice is available in the Help menu of the Sleeptracker app (About option).
Please also consult our full Privacy Policy and End User Licence Agreement.

For additional information, contact us at:
Fullpower Technologies, Inc.
1200 Pacific Avenue, Suite 300
Santa Cruz, California 95060
United States of America

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