Setup Assistance

Setting up the Sleeptracker® Adjustable Base

The Sleeptracker® app requires a Beautyrest® or Serta® branded Monitor. The app will guide you through the setup instructions, but in general, before the initial setup, know that the Sleeptracker® processor must be powered on, correctly wired, and have a flashing green status light. If two people will be monitored, the Monitor only needs to be set up once.

Additional Information:

During the setup process, when prompted to select your Monitor model at the “Pair with a Smart Bed” screen, be sure to select Sleeptracker® Adjustable Base (underneath the base image) > New smart bed. If you have already created your account and are logged in, you can get to this screen by selecting Menu > Pair with a Smart Bed. This should be done by one sleeper. For information on how to get a partner connected, see the “Adding a Second Sleeper” section below.

  • The processor is a small black box, either attached under the head of the bed or separate from the bed on the floor, depending on the model of the smart bed you purchased. Use your remote to lift the head of the bed to make it easier to locate. If your processor is not powered on, ensure the processor’s and your base’s power is plugged in. If your processor does not have a flashing green status light, factory reset your processor.
  • Select here to watch a setup video.

Setup Tutorials:

Adding a Second Sleeper

You can add a second sleeper after one sleeper has successfully paired to the Sleeptracker® Monitor. Your partner will need to create their own account using their own email address (the email address cannot match an existing Sleeptracker® account’s email address). Select below for further assistance.

↦ Help with Adding a Second Sleeper 

Support for Windows, macOS, or Other Operating Systems

At this time, the Sleeptracker® app is only available for compatible phones and tablets running Android OS or Apple’s iOS/iPadOS. For Android devices, access to the Google Play Store is required.

Unable to Complete Set Up

If you cannot complete your set-up, select below for further assistance.

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