How-To Guides

Reconfigure or Reset Remote Presets
You can change the Zero-G, Flat, TV, Anti-Snore, and the Favorite button positions from the physical or in-app remote. To do so with your physical remote, place the base to the angle you'd like and then hold the button you'd like to reconfigure for 5 seconds. As for the in-app remote, adjust your base to where you'd like the button position to be saved, and then tap and hold the button you'd like to reconfigure until you see the option to select “Save Position”. Tap Save Position to reconfigure the pre-set position.

To reset your physical remote to its factory settings, you can do so by pressing the Flat and Zero-G buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds on the physical remote. The remote backlight will flash twice to indicate the original positions have been restored.
Re-Verify your Smart Base's Configuration
In the Sleeptracker-AI® app, select Menu > My Smart Bed > Setup > Verify Configuration > Next. If successful, you will see a message that says "Your smart bed is verified and ready for use." You can press OK and proceed to the Home screen.
  • If the verification fails, you will see an error message, and it can be due to a number of reasons. View the setup guides in the app and check that everything is firmly and properly plugged in. You can also check your setup using this tutorial. After checking your base's connections, try re-verifying your base once again.
  • NOTE: verification requires access to the Internet, so ensure your mobile device can access the Internet. Additionally, the Sleeptracker-AI® processor must be online, with a solid green status light.
Split Base | Change How Bases Move
If you have a Split Base (two bases side-by-side), you can set the two sides to move together or separately.
To make two bases move together, you will need to use both of your physical remotes. First, unplug both bases from power. Wait 1 minute, then plug them back in. Next, press and hold the SYNC button on the back of both remotes simultaneously. The SYNC buttons will illuminate and start to flash. When the SYNC buttons stop flashing, release the SYNC buttons. The two bases should now be synced, so they should move together.
If your two bases are moving together, but you want them to move separately, you can un-sync the two bases. Press and hold the SYNC button on the back of just one of the remotes until the button light blinks, and then release the button. The two bases should now be un-synced, so they should move separately.
Factory Reset the Processor
Select here for instructions on how to factory reset your Sleeptracker-AI® processor.

Reinstall the App

If you are currently logged into your Sleeptracker-AI® account, log out before proceeding with the reinstallation steps. You can do this by navigating to Menu > My Profile > Account > Log Out, in the Sleeptracker-AI® app.

Android Devices:

You can reinstall the Sleeptracker-AI® app directly on the Play Store – tap here on your mobile device to be taken to the app's Play Store page.

  • Alternatively, launch the Play Store on your mobile device and search for “Tempur Sleeptracker-AI” (choose the Sleeptracker-AI® app with “Tempur®” on the icon).

Afterward, select Uninstall > wait for the app to uninstall > Install, to complete the reinstalation steps.

Apple Devices:


  • Touch and hold the Sleeptracker-AI® app.
  • Select Remove App or the Remove icon in the top-left corner of the app.
  • Tap Delete App > Delete.

NOTE: if you hold down the Sleeptracker-AI® app icon while the app is in your App Library or you search for the app on your device, then select Delete App > Delete, to uninstall the app.


  • Tap here on your device to be taken directly to the App Store page for the Tempur® Sleeptracker-AI® app (if prompted to choose a web browser, select Safari).
    • Alternatively, launch the App Store on your mobile device and search for “Tempur Sleeptracker-AI” (choose the Sleeptracker-AI® app with “Tempur®” on the icon).
  • Tap the Download button to complete the reinstalation steps.
Turn Off LED Brand Badge
On your physical remote, locate the Underbed LED Lighting button, which has a lightbulb icon. Press and hold this button for three seconds to turn off the LED brand badge. 
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