Sleeptracker, Better Sleep Works with Amazon Alexa

With Sleeptracker® Artificial Intelligence Technology,
Improving Your Sleep is as Easy as 1-2-3


Step 1: Know yourself and understand your sleep

Sleep can be mysterious. The Sleeptracker® monitor takes the mystery out of it and delivers a clear picture of your sleep.

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Step 2: Your sleep quality and daytime activities are correlated

Your sleep affects all the things you do during the day and vice versa. Improve sleep, and improve quality of life. Consider this: If we sleep 6 hours at night and improve the quality of our sleep by 20 pct, we just “gained” one hour of sleep without changing our schedule. Every night the AI-Powered Sleeptracker® coach delivers personal insights and tips to maximize your sleep and your day.

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Step 3: Your sleep score improves!

Your personal Sleeptracker® Coach scores your sleep so that you can measure incremental improvements.

It’s all about small incremental changes. Daily habits affect sleep quality. Better sleep quality means better performance. The Sleeptracker® Coach scores your sleep daily. You will see significant improvements as your sleep score Improves.

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Works with Amazon Alexa